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Peter Eidt petereidt at t-online.de
Sat Mar 24 10:30:42 CET 2018

Hi Olivier,


yes, this is the law; and no, I don’t think you missed something.


We are (now, 2017) in the “normal” territory of UI, which sometimes allows the non-offending side (using the AI of withdrawn actions) to take advantage of actions after (and including) the irregularity and before rectification.






on board 2, I keep cards from board 1

I open, say, one Club, LHO bids one heart, partner tells "ho, you got wrong color-cards and a set is in the board"

ok, TD comes, cancels 1C 1H, gives me back the good cards,

now, it changes a lot ... I open guess what "1Club"

LHO bids one ... diamond (he has 2542 with 13HCP) or Double (3532 with 14HCP) or so on


this seems to me legal but strange

did I miss something?


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