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Olivier BEAUVILLAIN olivier.beauvillain at wanadoo.fr
Thu Mar 22 15:47:06 CET 2018

Hello everybody,

My first post for a (very) long time, i hope you feel good ...
first, a no-point, just to warm up
it says "wrong hand ou cards"
A is wrong cards, B wrong hand,
a switch may be?
ok, no point
now the real one
on board 2, i keep cards from board 1
i open, says, a Club, Left Opp bid a heart, partner tell "ho, you got wrong color-cards and a set is in the board"
ok, TD comes, cancells 1C 1H, give me back the good cards,
now, it's cahnges a lot ... i open guess what "1Club"
left opp bid a ... diamond (he has 2542 with 13H) or Double (3532 with 14H) or so on
this seems me legal but strange
did i miss something?
Olivier Beauvillain
What are you doing 17th-26th of august? http://www.festivalbridgelabaule.com/index.php?Lang=2
please notice me the "english" mistakes!
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