[BLML] Looking for some scoring help

brian bmeadows666 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 11:52:30 CET 2017

Given how quiet this list has been of late, I hope you'll all forgive
me a borderline off-topic post, but if what I'm trying to research
exists, I'm absolutely sure that someone on this list will know about
it! I think the chances are remote in the extreme, but just about
worth the e-mail. I know nothing about it given that it's almost 20
years since I last played offline bridge.

Some background: I'm a mentor for a version of Precision that's been
taught on Bridge Base Online for a number of years now. Recently a few
of us decided to get together and document the system in some
print-on-demand books which are available via Amazon. You can imagine
that we were a bit surprised to get a mentoring request from the
mother of a guy who's currently doing time in low-security Federal
prison! Anyway, I said I'd take him on, and it's his request for
information that I'm passing on.

The rules in prison are that they are not allowed computers above a
simple calculator, the only thing they have access to is a closed
e-mail system through which they can exchange simple e-mails with the
outside world. At the moment they are scoring the prison duplicates
the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper.

Is anyone aware of any aid to scoring duplicates which CANNOT (Bureau
of Prisons rules!) be networkable or capable of being programmed in
any other way? I've told them that I think it highly unlikely, that I
expect scoring programs to run on a computer are many and varied, but
they're not allowed that. It has to be *dedicated* hardware, and of
course still commercially available.

Thanks for any info... but I'm not holding my breath! :(


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