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FWIW (and from your description) my clear answer is that you have no
acceptable basis for ruling illegal deception.
Merry Xmas!
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Let me teel you my final dream of this morning:

Apparently I'm Director at the final of the NBA, and it's halftime between
tw halves of 60 minutes each. I know that this is longer than a regular
match, so I ask one of the players how long a regular match lasts. The
answer was 67 minutes but of course my subconscious cannot know hat my
conscious doesn't.
At this point two players approach me, asking if it is still time to ask a
ruling. And they start telling me hich ruling - it's a bridge one.
At this point I wake up, but the bridge question haunts me and I construct
the following case:

During the play of the hand, a declarer needs to find out if a suit is
divided 5-2 or 4-3. The opponent who has 5 or 4 is known to also have 5 of a
different suit. Declarer has noticed that opponent thinking during the
bidding, and he checks the system card - indeed they play something to
indicate that particular 5-5 at that point in the auction. So Declarer plays
for theplayer to have only four, and it turns out he does have five. The
opponent did in fact think at that junction about whether to show his 5-5,
and he decided against it because of his point holding. 
That holding is so low that there should have been no time needed for the
decision and so illegal deception kicks in.

Declarer has drawn a wrong conclusion from the action of an opponent who had
no bridge reason for that action. Can we rule illegal deception if the
conclusion is wrong for a different reason?

Which I think is a good question.
So you see, Basketball can be an interesting game as well.

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