[BLML] Victory Points for Swiss Matchpoint Pairs

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Here in the EBU where our Swiss Pairs matches are usually 7 or 8 boards long we convert to VPs. When we run an event with shorter rounds (4 boards) we don’t. The purpose of Victory Pointing is to limit the advantage that can be gained in an early poorly-balanced match. I once played such a match where we would have scored 94% had it not been converted to VPs – a huge amount to carry forward in an event with only six matches.

In shorter matches, especially in longer events, I think it’s more desirable for each board to have equal weight, which does not happen with the conversion.

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As a player, I prefer swiss matchpoint events not to be converted to VPs. I’m happy for the luck factor to play its part.
It seems that big scores in the final round may be viewed suspiciously. Big scores in earlier rounds are not always noticed.
Can anyone help please with why converting matchpoints to VPs may be desirable? 
Does it produce more deserving winners? 
Is there mathematical proof of this?
Is it so bad to do what players prefer?

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