[BLML] An incredible hand

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>Sven Pran wrote:
>>I don't understand how any jurisdiction may forbid for instance opening bids
>>at the one level with less than 8 HVP.
>>What they can do (and what I assume most have done) is to have restrictions
>>on agreements which implies opening such weak hands at the one level.
>>There is a difference.
>There is, a theoretical one.
>But in practice, when a player opens a particular hand with a 
>paticular bid (or more general, makes any bid with that hand), then 
>the Director will ofte have to assume that the particular bid is systemic.
>So in many cases the difference is only theoretical.
>In the current case, the opening bid of 1Sp certainly has the 
>meaning "I think I can make a majority of tricks in this strain, 
>partner, if you have three more tricks, you can bid 4Sp.
>Certainly a systemic meaning.
>So under the old "rule of 18", this opening must be prohibited.
>Which only shows that the rule of 18 is not optimum.

Most players don't have agreements on freak hands like this. 
Apparently you consider ideas such as "bid what you think you can 
make" or "use common sense" a concealed understanding.
The hand has 6 solid tricks, and with a partner who is not completely 
bust but has less than opening values a part score is possible but 
game is very unlikely.
I would not call a call of 1S a psyche, and even if it s, it is 
certainly not artifcial. Thus it does not meet the condition of Law 40B2:
The RA "v) may restrict the use of psychic artificial calls". 

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