[BLML] An incredible hand

Herman De Wael hermandw at skynet.be
Thu Dec 7 07:03:09 CET 2017


the problem with your argument is that you are using a term which is not 

David Grabiner wrote:
> Bidding 1S is presumably a gross distortion from your systemic
> agreement, which is that an opening bid shows certain high-card values.

And this is not true. An opening bid does not promise 12 HCP, since it 
could be less (and still legal). And it does not promise 8 HCP, since 
there are many hands (the majority) of 8 HCP that no-one would open.

An opening bid shows a combination of high-card values and trump length 
(and usually some concentration of points in the lengths).

And that is what this hand shows.

> That is what makes it a psyche.

I do not agree. A bid which is made intending to show something, and 
having that something, is not a psyche. Under a system where any hand 
below 8 HCP cannot be opened, this would be illegal.
But such a rule prohibits opening six on a 12 card suit without the Ace, 
so it's probably not a good one.

> If you have an agreement that hands with values close to this can be
> opened 1S in third seat, then bidding 1S is not a psyche, and the
> regulating authority can forbid such an agreement.

It can, but it hasn't. And I think it shouldn't.


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