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Sven Pran sven at svenpran.net
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I don't understand how any jurisdiction may forbid for instance opening bids
at the one level with less than 8 HVP.

What they can do (and what I assume most have done) is to have restrictions
on agreements which implies opening such weak hands at the one level.

There is a difference.

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On 2017-12-06 6:32 AM, Peter Smulders wrote:
> Bidding 1S is not a gross distortion of what you expect from this hand 
> [with 3 HCP]. If that'is illegal in Belgium the local rules are in 
> conflict with the Laws.

The ACBL forbids agreeing to open at the one level with less than 8 HCP, and
I believe many other jurisdictions have similar regulations.  Why aren't
those regulations legal under L40B?

Psyching a 1S bid is legal, of course, as long as it genuinely is a psych.
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