[BLML] An incredible hand

Peter Smulders p.j.m.smulders at home.nl
Wed Dec 6 12:32:03 CET 2017

>David Grabiner wrote:
>>Opening either 1H or 1S is a psyche, as it is a gross distortion of
>>strength.  Therefore,either one is legal but is subject to whatever
>>rules apply to psyches.  I don't know the rules in Belgium, but in the
>>ACBL, the rule would be that you cannot have an agreement on psyches,
>>and the director will rule against you if you may have fielded the
>>psyche (for example, responder fails to double the final contract when
>>it should go down if opener has a real bid).
>A real bid? What is more natural than, "I am certain of making six 
>tricks in this suit, so I'm willing to risk bidding one".

Right. Bidding 1S is not a gross distortion of what you expect from 
this hand. If that'is illegal in Belgium the local rules are in 
conflict with the Laws. 

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