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I don’t think “ruff” is equivalent to “win” as it’s quite common to ruff and then be over-ruffed. It is equivalent to “play the lowest trump” unless it’s modified by “...with the Jack”. It does seem to me to be exactly like leading towards AQ in dummy and not noticing (or taking time to notice) the play of the king on the left.

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Spades are trumps.  Dummy has J4 of spades.  Declarer leads a heart from 
hand, which LHO ruffs with the S5.  Declarer says, "ruff". Does he play 
the SJ or the S4?

The argument for overruffing is that "ruff" is equivalent to "win" (as 
if he had led the S2 from hand).  The argument for underruffing is that 
he didn't notice the play; if he had led towards an AQ in dummy and 
said, "queen", the queen would be played even if LHO had played the king.

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