[BLML] Poll

David Grabiner grabiner at alumni.princeton.edu
Wed Oct 5 02:17:34 CEST 2016

Double and 6C are logical alternatives.  I prefer double, as 6C is 
somewhat odds-against.  At this vul, I expect partner to have a 
singleton heart, and thus he needs both aces for 5C to make, and even 
then I need the SQ onside and partner not getting drained of trumps.

A quick pass by partner demonstrably suggests double over 5H, and a slow 
pass demonstrably suggests the opposite (since partner can correct 6C to 
6S if he was considering a 3S bid with six spades but was light on points).

On 10/3/2016 5:14 AM, Herman De Wael wrote:
> Your hand:
> Sp KJ9 He 94 Di K5 Cl AKQ1083
> red vs green, in fourth seat.
> The bidding starts:
> 3He	pass	5He	??
> what do you do consider doing?
> Herman.
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