[BLML] Could have known

Vigfús Pálsson vip at centrum.is
Fri May 20 10:50:35 CEST 2016

Are we really suggesting to use of law 73F here?
If it is,  then something is missing in this story.

Well In Iceland,  the ruling is "Next board please"


Vigfus Palsson

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Efni: [BLML] Could have known

>From the latest ABF Newsletter:

                                    8 6
                                    A10 8 7 6 2
                                    K10 2
                                    A Q

    9 3                                                          J 4 2
    K J 9                                                       5 3
    8 4 3                                                      A 9 6
   K J 6 3 2                                                10 9 8 5 4
                                   A K Q 10 7 5
                                  Q 4
                                  Q J 7 5
Playing 6S by South, West gets off to sneaky
HJ lead.  Rising HA, South will discard heart
loser on successful club finesse.  However
upon drawing trumps, East discards heart on 
third spade, but immediately corrects to
spade.  Now South feels inclined to play low
heart to Q since East's heart is a penalty card.
Bad luck, 1 down.
So, in OZ, no problem, laughed away, but I
presume that in other countries, the "could
have known" law would be wheeled out
rather quickly.  With what result?


Tony (Sydney)                            

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