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brian bmeadows666 at gmail.com
Fri May 13 20:39:28 CEST 2016

On Fri, 13 May 2016 15:20:31 +0200, Alain wrote:

>Le 12.05.2016 15:34, Richard Hills a écrit :
>> Imps, Dlr: West, Vul: East-West
>> You, East, hold:
>> K842
>> Q6
>> 2
>> J97532
>> The bidding has gone:
>> 2D (Alerted and explained as a weak two in hearts, or a weak two in
>> spades, or 21-22 balanced) - pass - 2H (pass or correct) - pass - 3D
>> (non-systemic) - pass - ???
>> What call do you make?
>> What other call(s) do you consider making?
>I'm a little late in answering this thread, but I'd like to add that, 
>unless there is a very plausible explanation (like that one about 
>partner using a Multi which includes Acol-2 types, but not facing me), 
>explanations are many and very different from eachother : from partner 
>having mispulled 2D for 3D to him supposing that I would understand him 
>to have a very strong NT type with diamonds or simply he might have 
>mispulled *now* 3D in lieu of 2NT.
>Given that, and supposing he didn't use UI (I think he didn't, and agree 
>with what has been said up to now), all roads lead to him holding 
>diamonds or an otherwise strong hand. So the only alternatives are pass 
>and 3NT. Maybe the former at Matchpoints and the latter at IMPs.
>I don't believe in the "weak H cum D" explanation. Where are the spades 
Speaking as the one who suggested that explanation - you'll note that
East has four spades. If I switch my suggestion for West's hand to
1=6=6=0 rather than 0=6=6=1. now which opponent do you feel should
overcall a four card spade suit at the two level - especially in
North's case as he's almost guaranteed another call after the multi 2D
opener has shown their holding? 

In any case, I'm not responsible for explaining opponents' bidding. If
I were still partnering the person to whom I referred, I would be 95%
certain that they would show with that weak red two-suiter. Why
opponents have chosen to stay silent is really not my problem. 


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