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agot agot at ulb.ac.be
Fri May 13 15:20:31 CEST 2016

Le 12.05.2016 15:34, Richard Hills a écrit :
> Imps, Dlr: West, Vul: East-West
> You, East, hold:
> K842
> Q6
> 2
> J97532
> The bidding has gone:
> 2D (Alerted and explained as a weak two in hearts, or a weak two in
> spades, or 21-22 balanced) - pass - 2H (pass or correct) - pass - 3D
> (non-systemic) - pass - ???
> What call do you make?
> What other call(s) do you consider making?

I'm a little late in answering this thread, but I'd like to add that, 
unless there is a very plausible explanation (like that one about 
partner using a Multi which includes Acol-2 types, but not facing me), 
explanations are many and very different from eachother : from partner 
having mispulled 2D for 3D to him supposing that I would understand him 
to have a very strong NT type with diamonds or simply he might have 
mispulled *now* 3D in lieu of 2NT.

Given that, and supposing he didn't use UI (I think he didn't, and agree 
with what has been said up to now), all roads lead to him holding 
diamonds or an otherwise strong hand. So the only alternatives are pass 
and 3NT. Maybe the former at Matchpoints and the latter at IMPs.

I don't believe in the "weak H cum D" explanation. Where are the spades 

Best regards


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