[BLML] Uno

Herman De Wael hermandw at skynet.be
Thu May 12 17:51:23 CEST 2016

Richard Hills schreef:
> Imps, Dlr: West, Vul: East-West
> You, East, hold:
> K842
> Q6
> 2
> J97532
> The bidding has gone:
> 2D (Alerted and explained as a weak two in hearts, or a weak two in
> spades, or 21-22 balanced) - pass - 2H (pass or correct) - pass - 3D
> (non-systemic) - pass - ???

Apparently, I am the partner of the 2D opener, so it's I who have 
explained it as Majors or 21-22.
It is impossible for "me" not to know what partner is doing. Apparently, 
he has done something else than the type of Multi that I was thinking we 
were playing. Now, it depends on the circumstances, which the "I" of the 
story knows, but the "I" (HDW) doesn't.
I can think of a few possibilities:

- my partner is used to playing weak twos in diamonds, and I explained 
the Multi to him last week, and he has probably forgotten. I pass.
- my partner is used to playing the Multi with plural possibilities, I 
am the one who insisted not to include strong single suiters, and he has 
probably forgotten that. He has strong diamonds, and I bid 3NT.
- there might be other possibilities.

In either position I do not consider anything else.
In any case, the circumstances which lead to us reaching the agreement 
that I previously thought to have (as I also explained them) are AI to 
me. They - combined with the 3D bid - lead me to the conclusion cited 
abovve. I feel not constrained by UI.

However, there might be a ruling of UI towards my partner. If he has a 
weak two, passing 2H is probably a LA to him. If he has strong diamonds, 
but in a 6322, he probablt has a LA in 2NT, which he should choose as 
the 3D bid more clearly shows what he has. If he has a 54 in diamonds 
and spades, 2S is also a LA, which he should certainly select.

> What call do you make?
> What other call(s) do you consider making?

depends on the circumstances, which are AI to me.

> Best wishes,
> Richard Hills


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