[BLML] Glow teen

agot agot at ulb.ac.be
Wed May 11 16:08:14 CEST 2016

Le 10.05.2016 10:57, Richard Hills a écrit :
> The May 2016 edition of the ABDA Directors' Bulletin (edited by Jan
> Peach, janpeach8 at bigpond.com) contained an extract from the EBU White
> Book. This suggested that it was not BB at B [Best Behaviour at Bridge]
> to congratulate partner on a well-played hand, since that amounted to
> gloating. (The White Book did concede, however, that a genuine
> compliment to partner was not a misdemeanour.)

Er ... what's the difference between "congratulating" and making a 
"genuine compliment" ? Are congratulations considered as fake 
compliments ?

And how do they adjudge Cooper echoes ? I use them mainly to say "well 
bid" rather than "it's a make". Mute gloating ??

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