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Timothy N. Hill thill75 at wesleyan.edu
Thu May 5 07:16:33 CEST 2016

On 2016 May 3, at 09:30, Richard Hills <hildalirsch at gmail.com> wrote:

> North-South play an Aussie variant of Standard American. East-West play an Aussie variant of Acol. Imps, dealer East, vulnerable North-South.
> East and South pass, West opens 1C (Announced as 3+ clubs), North overcalls 1S, East passes again, South responds 1NT, pass, pass.
> You, East, hold:
> 8732
> JT9732
> 632
> ---
> What call do you make?
> What other calls do you consider making?

On 2016 May 3, at 11:13, Vigfús Pálsson <vip at centrum.is> wrote:

> 1. PASS from Iceland.
> 2. PASS PASS from Iceland

On 2016 May 3, at 12:01, agot <agot at ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> I think it is close.
> It seems very natural to call 2H, expecting to have a good chance to 
> make it, especially on a spade lead (you can ruff or overruff the third 
> spade).
> However, spades seem wonderfully placed for opponents, and I might push 
> them into a thin 3NT, making, after South's 2S, 2NT or 3C bid.
> The answer might depend on our 1NT range. "Acol" doesn't say everything. 
> If playing 15-17 NT, I expect partner to hold a 18-19 NT type, making 2H 
> safer, but if playing 12-14, partner might hold 15-16.
> If that's the question, both surely are LA’s.

On 2016 May 4, at 09:26, Richard Hills <hildalirsch at gmail.com> wrote:

> West broke tempo over South's 1NT response, demonstrably suggesting extra values. However, East's uno hcp together with the timid North-South bidding demonstrably suggests that West holds extra values.
> Hence, is West's UI cancelled by the available AI?

No, the UI still exists and still demonstrably suggests competing. The issue is whether, given the AI and without the UI, passing out 1NT is a LA.

The definition of LA (Law 16B1b) effectively requires polling. If the two responses to Richard’s poll on BLML are representative of “the class of players in question,” then Pass is, by definition, a LA, and the score must be adjusted if East gained an advantage by not passing.

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