[BLML] Non-weighted adjustments

Timothy N. Hill thill75 at wesleyan.edu
Wed Mar 30 23:24:25 CEST 2016

On 2016 Mar 28, at 14:00, Nigel Guthrie <g3 at nige1.com> wrote:

> Current rules reward and encourage players who break the law. For example, weighted rulings reward law-breakers and disappoint their victims.  A common example is when a player is tempted to use UI to get a top score when complying with the law would leave him with a bottom.

“The Laws ... are primarily designed not as punishment for irregularities but rather for the rectification of situations where non-offenders may otherwise be damaged.” [Intro] “The objective of a score adjustment is to redress damage to a non-offending side and to take away any advantage gained by an offending side through its infraction.” [12B1] “In order to do equity ... an assigned adjusted score may be weighted ....” [12C1c]

If you feel that a player who should have known better should be “punished” for violating 16B1/73C, assess a procedural [90] or disciplinary [91] penalty, but adjust the result to “rectify damage” and “do equity” [12C].

On 2016 Mar 29, at 03:31, Herman De Wael <hermandw at skynet.be> wrote:

> There are no weighted scores after use of UI.

Sure there are. If the table result stemmed from a violation of 16B1/73C, you have to use 12C1c to assign an adjusted score. What you can’t do is give a non-zero weight to any result that, given the UI, could be achieved only by violating 16B1/73C (including the table result).

Example: N bids 4H. W at favorable vulnerability bids 4S when P is a logical alternative and W has extraneous information from E that demonstrably suggests bidding 4S. The table result is 4SXE-2, NS+300. Your analysis (including looking at results from other tables) suggests that N had a 50/50 chance of making 4H if W had passed. Compute a 12C1c adjusted score for NS: 60% of the matchpoints for +620 plus 40% of the matchpoints for -100 (plus 0% of the matchpoints for +300). If this is better for NS than the table result, replace the table result with the adjusted score. (At your discretion give EW a procedural or disciplinary penalty, regardless of whether you adjust the score.)



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