[BLML] Made by sheep for chimpanzees

Richard Hills hildalirsch at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 13:30:37 CEST 2016

David Burn, final stanza of "I claimed it on a double squeeze":

Prince, all the Laws are pure hot air
And made by sheep for chimpanzees
But that is scarcely my affair -
I claimed it on a double squeeze.

The claimant (David Burn's team-mate) was asked to continue play by his
opponents. As the claimant was unaware of the Law 68D requirement that play
cease he obeyed the opponents' request. Alas, during the extended play
declarer pulled a wrong card, ruining the timing for the double squeeze.

Under the 1997 Laws the sheep on the Appeals Committee had no alternative
but to rule the double squeeze claim valid, and hence rule that the
contract made. (Not relevant to the ruling is the unsubstantiated rumour
that an opponent was a chimpanzee, intentionally infracting Law 68D in the
hope that declarer would make a later mistake.)

Best wishes,

Richard Hills
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