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Yeah. Okay, the player claims mispull on a Blackwood response. I calculate there's about a 2/3 chance it was an error, not a mispull. (You can supply your own percentage if you calculate differently.) In this situation, do you try to figure out which players are lying and which are not?

On Fri, 25 Mar 2016 19:18:47 -0400, Matthias Berghaus <Ziffbridge at t-online.de> wrote:

> Am 25.03.2016 um 23:41 schrieb Robert Frick:
>> Let me try again. Someone claims on a simple squeeze. You come to the table and he says he meant double squeeze. Both are reasonable.
>> Herman, I believe, is saying that he will now try to read the player's mind.
> I did not completely read what went on earlier, so I take your word for it.
>> Look deep into his eyes. Observe his pulse. Look for tells. Judge his sincerity.
>> I just rule he said simple squeeze. No mind reading for me. I have seen sociopaths lie, and I am not good enough to catch them.
> Well, I know Herman personally, I have some idea of his abilities as a
> dirctor ( never mind that we often disagree, that has nothing to do with
> it). He would catch many a liar, believe me. Sociopaths.... they may be
> a different case altogether. I have seen some, and I didn`t  always
> catch them, as a TD. A lot of things are know now are hindsight, and we
> know what Churchill said about that. I would like to encourage you to
> believe that you _can_ catch them, and at the same time realize that you
> are human, therefor fallible, and that you might _not_ catch them this
> time...  I have had to do with people who lied to me, and to everybody
> else. Sometimes I caught them, sometimes not, I will never know how good
> my success rate was, probably not as good as I would like to have it be,
> but assuming that you are not good enough looks like a way to certain
> defeat to me. Confidence in one`s own abilities is important to a TD,
> while realization of one`s shortcomings (and work to remove them) is
> important, too.
>> I can't see how my way leads to anarchy.
> I can`t, either. Do what you feel comfortable with. It is you that has
> to look in the mirror in the morning. If you can do that all is well.
> Your style may change over the years, or it may not, and whether that is
> right or wrong only you can say. If it works for you your players are
> going to be comfortable, too, and that is what they can ask of a TD.
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