[BLML] tangled

agot agot at ulb.ac.be
Fri Mar 25 13:19:31 CET 2016

Le 25.03.2016 12:41, Jeff Easterson a écrit :
> Astute observation Herman; I had the same thought.  Aside from that it
> might be a simple case of linguistic carelessness on part of the
> speaker.  I suspect it would be a very hard line to interpret this (the
> plural) so seriously.

Of course. (and BTW Herman is right in distinguishing between English 
and Flemish)

Say that there is one outstanding high trump, and you intend to play 
your side cards (which are all high) until they ruff, keeping your last 
trump to ruff their return.

That's a classical case for claiming, and you'll claim by saying "I play 
everything but trumps". (let's be careful : at least that's the standard 
way to do it in French)

Well, taking it literally, this is an impossible claim, because if they 
don't ruff at all, you'll have to lead your trump at trick 13.

Of course, the TD will allow the claim.
And I don't call this mind-reading.

Best regards


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