[BLML] tangled

agot agot at ulb.ac.be
Wed Mar 23 14:10:10 CET 2016

Le 20.03.2016 22:45, Sven Pran a écrit :

> This is up to the Director to clarify and judge, and a competent TD is
> likely to understand what is really going on and whether the player 
> knows
> his BW.
> He will then know how he shall apply Law 23 (not whether he shall apply 
> Law
> 23!)

Just a matter of words.

Since the title of L23 is : LAW 23 - AWARENESS OF POTENTIAL DAMAGE", it 
doesn't apply when it is obvious that there can't be any.

When learning umpiring, I was told that L23 was made for cases when a 
player succeeds in doing something (letting the bidding stop) which 
wasn't possible absent the infraction.

If that's the case, then the 5NT bid in the case under scrutiny shall be 
allowed, because there was a legal way to stop in 5NT anyway.

But I would agree with a more severe interpretation, where the enforced 
pass merely helped the player, who could have feared that partner 
wouldn't understand the transfer-to-5NT bid, even if the system notes 
prove that it does exist. And this could be deemed enough to adjust the 

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