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Sun Mar 20 22:45:33 CET 2016

> Robert Frick
> Sendt: 20. mars 2016 20:22
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> Emne: Re: [BLML] tangled
> So, if I understand everyone's logic on this, the player who bids 4NT
> insufficient doesn't know that this could benefit his side, because he
> he can stop in 5NT. (Or, if he remembers that 5NT asks for kings, he will
> then remember that there is still a way to stop in 5NT).
> So he bids 5NT, barring his partner. So the first irregularity did benefit
> side, he just couldn't know that and L23 doesn't apply.

[Sven Pran] 
Sure L23 applies here, as always when a player is barred because of his
partner's irregularity.

Now if the player knows his Blackwood he will know that after the bids: (for
the example - Hearts is agreed as trump)
4NT - pass - 5D - pass 
5S - pass - ???  partner is supposed to bid 5NT for play.

If that player instead of bidding 5S bids 4NT with the intention to bar
partner from bidding over his rectification to 5NT then he uses an illegal
method to stop in 5NT.

This is up to the Director to clarify and judge, and a competent TD is
likely to understand what is really going on and whether the player knows
his BW.
He will then know how he shall apply Law 23 (not whether he shall apply Law

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