[BLML] tangled

agot agot at ulb.ac.be
Fri Mar 18 14:01:44 CET 2016

Le 17.03.2016 00:54, Robert Frick a écrit :
> 2NT  P   2NT/4C
> You are called to the table. South bid 2NT, playing 4 way transfers
> and wanting to transfer to clubs. She changed it to 4C, meaning that
> as natural. However, by the time I talked to her, she had realized it
> was Gerber in their system.
> Bar her partner or not?

I have a problem with the explanation of what has happened.

Playing 4-suit transfers, be it over 1NT or 2NT, one doesn't transfer to 
clubs by bidding notrump.

One should get more information. Did the player answer to 1NT ? If so, 
is 2NT really a transfer to clubs ? Or is the explanation more complex 
than that (or more simple, e.g. the player said to herself "I have to 
bid 3S, because it's over 2NT, over 2NT ..." and bid 2NT).

And if she wanted to transfer to clubs, why wouldn't she transfer when 
substituting the bid ?
It could have avoided the penalty.

This also means that L23 doesn't apply, because there was in fact a way 
to stop in 4C.

Best regards


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