[BLML] Do players have to describe what they play?

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On Tue, Sep 8, 2015 at 7:30 PM, Robert Frick <rfrick at rfrick.info> wrote:

> This hand has caused some controversy here. A player opened 1S in first
> seat,vul versus not, with
> AK8753
> K43
> 10
> 742
> The opponents were upset, roughly, that their card did not say that this
> hand would be opened 1 Spade.
> As an expert pointed out to me today, he would open this hand 1 Spade. As
> I pointed out to him, he plays weak twos as having a range of 6 to 10. The
> players involved had 5 to 11 on their card.
> These players seem to bid the same way as everyone who plays 5 to 10 -- a
> bad 11 point hand could get a weak two; a really good 10 point could get an
> opening one bid; any 12 point hand with a six card suit gets opened on the
> one level.
> The complaining opponents said there would be no problem if the card was
> marked 5 to 10. One of the players involved has agreed they should put 5 to
> 10 on their card.
> Do players have to say on their card what they play?
> And if they do, then (unless we are wimps), they have to play what's on
> their card. Yes, there are a lot of reasons why a player might not have
> what it says on their card. But there has to be SOME reason.
> To put this another way -- I sit down with a new partner, he says he wants
> to play 1NT as 16 to 18, we put that on the card, we announce that, but I
> have already decided I am going to open all 15 point hands 1NT. Is this
> legal?

> Are we bridge players or HCP accountants?

As dealer, the 10 HCP hand


has trick-taking potential almost exactly one trick more than this 12 HCP


Under their methods, 1S is the clearly standout for the first hand, and
pass is standout for the second.

Dealer's 10 HCP hand is better than most 11 HCP hands with five or more
spades, so it should open 1S.  The 12 HCP hand is much worse than most 11
HCP hands with five or more spades, so it should pass.  I thought all good
players knew this.  The only thing to disclose is that you play bridge, not
HCP accounting, and you go by hand strength whenever the governing body
allows it.

Jerry Fusselman
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