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Mon Sep 7 21:14:56 CEST 2015

On Sep 7, 2015, at 8:11 AM, agot <agot at ulb.ac.be> wrote:
> Le 07.09.2015 14:38, Volker Walther a écrit :
>> Recently some English friends visited our Club, and so I learned
>> something about the English bidding box regulations.
>> "At the end of the auction the calls should remain in place until the
>> opening lead has been faced and all explanations have been obtained,
>> after which they should be returned to their boxes."
>> I found this regulation really useful, cause on first guess it seemed 
>> to
>> allow RHO asking for explanations while the bidding is still visible.
>> But the way it was practised  by our guests has been in conflict with
>> LAW 20F.
>> Their procedure was:
>> 1.) End of the auction
>> 2.) LHO may ask a about the bidding
>> 3.) LHO makes a face down lead.
>> 4.) RHO may ask about the bidding.
>> 5.) The opening lead is turned face up
>> 6.) The bidding cards are returned to the box.
>> Obviously step 4.) is in conflict with 20F2
>> "After the final pass and throughout the play period, either defender 
>> at
>> his own turn to play may request an explanation of the opposing 
>> auction."
>> And I did not realize at which point declarer usually asks for 
>> explanations.
>> Could someone from EBU-land explain the proper EBU procedure?
> AG : the procedure is the same in Belgium, and I don't see any 
> contradiction.
> This is not 'asking at one's turm to play', because play hasn't begun 
> (the lead hasn't been faced) ; it's just part of 'enquiring during the 
> bidding period'. It is made in that way to avoid :
> 1- untimely questions at one's last turn to bid, which would create UI
> 2 - being forced to wait until declarer played from dummy, which would 
> void the posibility of planning the play during the time declarer spends 
> to do the same. Of course, you may ask after declarer played from dummy 
> too.
> Best regards
>   Alain
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And potentially even more importantly, since we are still in the bidding phase the partner of the presumed opening leader may uncover misinformation during the bidding phase by the opponents. Upon calling the director the auction may be rolled back and the bidding continued. Obviously, once the opening lead is faced, this right by the NOS is lost.

Happy trails, Michael

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