[BLML] Law 22B vs. 41C

Volker Walther bridge at vwalther.de
Thu Oct 15 17:02:54 CEST 2015

Did we have that before? I can not find it.

South became declarer, but there was a wrong explanation so he called
the TD. While TD is asking what had happened,  West faces his opening lead.

Should we apply  law 24B?

According to 22B facing the opening lead ends the auction period.

According to 41C the opening lead has to be faced after the
Clarification Period, which is part of the Auction Period.


Volker Walther

22 B. End of Auction Period
1. The auction period ends when, subsequent to the end of the auction as
in A2, either defender faces an opening lead. (If the lead is out of
turn then see Law 54). The interval between the end of the auction and t
the end of the auction period is designated the Clarification Period.

41 C. Opening Lead Faced
Following this Clarification Period, the opening lead is faced, the play
period begins irrevocably,...

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