[BLML] Back to the Future

Sven Pran svenpran at online.no
Sat May 30 17:02:37 CEST 2015

Steve Willner
> In a later message, Tony mentions the situation where one or more tables
> forget an instructed arrow switch.  He keeps the scores for those, and I
> understand why that situation differs from the one I asked about.

[Sven Pran] 
It doesn't. One is a forgotten scheduled arrow-switch the other is an
executed non-scheduled arrow-switch.
> Nothing in L16 seems directly applicable to the case I initially asked
about, but
> there might be an analogy.

[Sven Pran]  The analogy is in the sentence: by seeing a card belonging to
another player at his own table before the auction begins (Law 16C1)

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