[BLML] Back to the Future

agot agot at ulb.ac.be
Fri May 29 15:51:31 CEST 2015

Le 29.05.2015 14:50, Sven Pran a écrit :
> Law 16C2a is of course operative whenever the Director is able to
> secure “normal play” on a board  simply be repositioning the
> players for that board. It doesn’t matter whether play has yet to
> begin or has already been completed when the Director is informed of
> the irregularity.
> The scores obtained on a board where the Director has ordered or
> recognized repositioning of players may or may not be relevant for the
> particular event. For instance if the Director in a match for teams of
> four finds that the same team has played a board in the same direction
> in both rooms (the board has been rotated 90 degrees in one room only)
> then the scores on this board must be cancelled for the teams scoring
> but are still fully valid for the Butler scoring (if used).
> The Director should never need to declare a board “fouled” on the
> ground that “normal play” is no longer possible, he has still in
> his power to simply cancel the board for reason.
> A fouled board is always subject to certain discrepancies when
> compared to a reference board (with the same board number) on:
> A: which cards are given to which directions,
> B: which direction is designated “dealer”,
> C: which direction(s) if any are designated “vulnerable”.
> Other criteria are never relevant in a question of “fouled board”.

AG : agree, unless I overlooked something uncommon ; but "fouled" is 
simply a subset of "unplayable", and the rules for "unplayable" apply. 
Other occurrences of "unplayable" are :

- the board's contents have been spilled by an external source, and seen 
- the board was played before wigth one pair sitting wrongly (may be 
playable in some cases) ;
- UI to both sides (e.g. by a loud remark at anoither table) rtc.

I don't think rules distinguish fouled boards from otherwise unplayable 

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