[BLML] The cad!

Richard Hills hildalirsch at gmail.com
Sun May 24 12:36:13 CEST 2015

As they say in the movies, this is Based Upon A True Story.

All four players are Canberra experts. North-South use Keycard Blackwood to
reach 6S, with South declarer. As is his wont, West requests an explanation
of every bid in the auction. When it comes to 5H the incomplete explanation
"two keycards" is given. West then asks the supplementary question, "Does
it deny the queen of spades?"

Of course the answer is affirmative, and of course the success of 6S
depends on a two-way finesse for the queen of trumps, and of course
declarer finesses through East, and of course West wins the setting trick
with the queen.

Declarer casts aspersions at West, then summons the Director.

How would you rule?

Best wishes,

Richard Hills
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