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Robert Park bpark56 at comcast.net
Wed May 20 23:11:26 CEST 2015

Matthias...I do agree that some polling can be better than no polling, 
and I never said otherwise. All I attempted to convey is that two 
opinions cannot rule out "logical alternatives" with any degree of 
reliability, and that there are many, including a number of directors, 
who at times seem to place undeserved faith in the results of small 
samples. I would certainly tend to believe it if one or more people said 
a particular action was a logical alternative. However, I would not take 
that as significant evidence that other actions cease to be logical 

I do think that most directors at our sectional levels and above are 
cognizant of this. At the club level, though....??

Not sure where you get "snide." It seems to me that my statements were 
factual, at least as based on my observations.


On 5/20/15 2:09 PM, Matthias Berghaus wrote:
> On the other hand, it seems that you place an undeserved degree of faith
> in the availability of people to poll, in order to enlarge said sizes.
>    We had an international 3-days team event in Berlin a couple of days
> ago. Number of kibitzers: nil. Number of people fom 6-man (woman)teams
> on hand while sitting out: nil in bad rounds, up to six in better
> rounds. Add in a non-playing captain or two, and that was it. And those
> players may be completely the wrong ones, as you don`t want to poll
> world class players about happenings at table 57....
>    You would be welcome if you came over and helped hunt down people to
> poll, instead of making snide remarks about directors who are _needed_
> for other things than running after people who want a quit break. Get
> some grip on reality...
> Am 20.05.2015 um 15:17 schrieb Robert Park:
>> It does seem that bridge organizations and many directors place an
>> undeserved degree of faith in the reliability of small sample sizes.
>>      --bp
>> On 5/20/15 7:57 AM, Matthias Berghaus wrote:
>>> Well, how many people without knowledge of the hand do you usually have
>>> on site? Dozens? Hundreds? I don`t. I ask as many as I can while
>>> directing the ongoing event. Mind you, the waiter usually doesn`t count.
>>> If he plays Bridge I`ll ask him...
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