[BLML] Ruling last saturday

agot agot at ulb.ac.be
Tue May 19 18:42:46 CEST 2015

Le 19.05.2015 17:31, Matthias Berghaus a écrit :
> Well, I am not so sure that 1S is suggested by what happened. It may
> well land the partnership in some unmakeable contract when the player 
> in
> question has a borderline opening hand. Passing, OTOH, may be 
> suggested,
> as (someone mentioned it already) pard is going to reopen somehow, and
> then is still time to show some cards, having limited oneself by the
> failure to overcall 1S. Indeed, _Pass_ may well be the course 
> prohibited
> by L16, but we lack information to decide that.

That settles it, on the usual argument that, if we can't agree on what 
is suggeted, then nothing is 'unmistakably' suggested.

BTW, in Belgium, partner might well have remembered he had at his 
disposal a weak 2-suited 2H, in which case bidding 1S would have been 
wrong. As you mention it, passing, to have partner reopen 1H and then 
bidding 1S, would have been far better.
OTOH, if partner has just found another honor and holds a balanced 
12-count, we might be better to overcall, just in case responder uses 
good tactics, bids on a weak hand, and makes our recovery impossible.

The long and short of it : nothing is 'obvious', so no restrictions.
Remember, it is not 'if they pass UI, shoot them', it is 'restore 

Best regards


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