[BLML] Ruling last saturday

Matthias Berghaus Ziffbridge at t-online.de
Tue May 19 17:31:53 CEST 2015

Well, I am not so sure that 1S is suggested by what happened. It may 
well land the partnership in some unmakeable contract when the player in 
question has a borderline opening hand. Passing, OTOH, may be suggested, 
as (someone mentioned it already) pard is going to reopen somehow, and 
then is still time to show some cards, having limited oneself by the 
failure to overcall 1S. Indeed, _Pass_ may well be the course prohibited 
by L16, but we lack information to decide that.

Am 19.05.2015 um 16:50 schrieb Jeff Easterson:
> I don't know if I have correctly understood Herman's description of what
> happened. But, if partner, after passing, then calls the TD and says
> that he wanted to do something else (and this is done before his partner
> bids) (obviously bidding and thus showing (UI) that he has at least
> opening count (or a pre-empt) that would influence his partner (the
> third hand) not to pass; so passing seems a LA.  The 1 spade bid could
> easily be influenced by the UI.  So, assuming I have correctly
> understood the situation I think there is reason not to allow the 1
> spade bid.  But, of course, even if third hand passes, the first hand
> will have an opportunity to bid and try to legally show what happened.
> So it is difficult to know what the end contract would be in this
> situation.  (This assumes they were playing without screens.)  To judge
> this we'd have to know more about their system, for instance what a cue
> bid by the partner (first hand) would mean in the second round of bidding.
> Have I missed,or misinterpreted, something?
> Ciao,  JE

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