[BLML] Fourth suit farce

agot agot at ulb.ac.be
Sun May 17 22:23:12 CEST 2015

Le 17.05.2015 06:35, David Grabiner a écrit :
> Experienced players are expected to protect themselves. If they know
> that the explanation is impossible, they cannot be damaged by MI. I
> don't know whether this particular explanation is impossible, though;
> there may be some players who describe a system but play some bids
> which are non-systemic, or even inconsistent.

AG : why would it be impossible, for a pair who use 1C-1D-Dbl to show 
44+ majors, to use 1S in this sequence as a cheap force ? I've seen 
worse conventions.µ

> A more clear example would be a 1NT overcall by a passed hand,
> explained as 15-17 points, this cannot be MI because the opponents
> know the explanation is wrong.

AG : I beg your pardon, sir, this happened at least once ; the LOL has 
overlooked an Ace. It never happened to her partner that she might have 
tried an artificial NT bid ; and right he was.

Best regards


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