[BLML] Fourth suit farce

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David Grabiner:
Experienced players are expected to protect themselves.  If they know
that the explanation is impossible, they cannot be damaged by MI.  I
don't know whether this particular explanation is impossible, though;
there may be some players who describe a system but play some bids which
are non-systemic, or even inconsistent.  (For example, in the US, many
players play four-suit transfers over 1NT but have the agreement that
1N-2C; 2H-2N shows 8-9 points and four spades, and thus they have no way
to invite game in NT without a four-card major.)
A more clear example would be a 1NT overcall by a passed hand, explained
as 15-17 points, this cannot be MI because the opponents know the
explanation is wrong.
Tony (Sydney):  exactly, if both the opponents know the explanation is
wrong, there can hardly be any damage. 
Of course, there may still be UI floating around, but not likely in this
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A while ago I was partnering an intelligent but inexperienced friend
against two expert opponents. Using the Aussie version of the Acol
system I opened 1C. Partner correctly announced my call as showing four
or more clubs. LHO overcalled 1D, pard responded 1H, RHO passed and I
rebid 1S. Now partner incorrectly alerted and explained this as fourth
suit forcing. 
Was this a misexplanation infraction? My expert opponents knew me well
and knew Aussie Acol well, so therefore also knew that pard's
explanation could not be true.
Best wishes,
Richard Hills


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