[BLML] Adjusted score after penalty card?

David Grabiner grabiner at alumni.princeton.edu
Thu May 7 04:28:43 CEST 2015

Steve Willner writes:

> Here's another I haven't seen before, though I think I know the answer.
> At matchpoints, a defender has a penalty card (from an unestablished
> revoke, if it matters).  Declarer thinks of a clever play, which has a
> 95% chance of working, to take advantage.  (Let's say the play fails if
> a suit breaks 4-0 offside; isn't that about 5%?)  If it works, this play
> will give a cosmic top; in the unlikely event it fails, a cosmic zero.
> Declarer executes this play, and
> A: it works, as expected, or
> B: today is declarer's unlucky day, and the play fails.
> Is there an adjusted score, possibly split, in either case?  Relevant
> Laws seem to be 12A1, 12B2, and 12C1b, but I may be missing something.

I would not adjust here; the defender gained as an indirect result of the 

The old rule book had a similar example of indirect damage.  East commits an 
infraction during the bidding, which allows South to require or forbid a diamond 
lead from West.  South requires a diamond lead.  West leads something else, and 
East wins the trick, and returns a diamond for West to ruff, knowing that West 
is void in diamonds; this defense would not be found without the infraction.  No 
adjustment is made. 

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