[BLML] Silent Psyche, Holy Psyche

Herman De Wael hermandw at skynet.be
Tue Dec 23 09:39:23 CET 2014

Richard Hills schreef:
> Imps
> Dlr: West
> Vul: Nil
> The bidding has gone:
> 1H(1) Pass 3H(2)   All pass
> (1) 5-card major
> (2) limit raise, 4-card support
> You, South, hold:
> AKJ7
> AKT932
> A
> A6
> North's opening lead is the ten of clubs (denying the jack) and dummy
> tracks with:
> 986
> J874
> KQ6
> KQ8
> Declarer calls for the king of clubs, and you win the ace. Now you elect
> to play three rounds of spades, but declarer ruffs the third round with
> the five of trumps. Declarer attempts to cash two club winners, but you
> ruff the second one. Now you elect to lead a low trump in case partner
> holds the queen. But declarer wins the six of hearts as partner shows out.
> Declarer asks partner, "No hearts?" Is declarer's question an unethical
> attempt to deceive partner into thinking that a normal 5-4 heart fit has
> run into a 4-0 break?

I would not think so.
Even when playing in a 3-4 fit, you don't expect trumps to be 6-0.
So the surprise might be genuine.
$And he has bid his 5-card suit. No need to fake surprise to strengthen 
the notion that is was indeed a 5-card suit.


> Best wishes,
> Richard Hills

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