[BLML] Silent Psyche, Holy Psyche

David Grabiner grabiner at alumni.princeton.edu
Tue Dec 23 05:41:33 CET 2014

Richard Hills writes:

[dummy has four hearts; declarer opened 1H on a three-card suit and ran into a 
6-0 break]

> Declarer asks partner, "No hearts?" Is declarer's question an unethical 
> attempt
> to deceive partner into thinking that a normal 5-4 heart fit has run into a 
> 4-0 break?

You must ask consistently.  If declarer normally asks defenders whether they 
show out, the question is proper.  (I have never seen a declarer do that.) 
Otherwise, it could be an attempt to mislead.

However, I don't see the misleading effect here.  Declarer was obviously 
surprised at the bad break, and would be more surprised that it is 6-0 than that 
is is 4-0 or 3-0.

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