[BLML] Both players forget

Herman De Wael hermandw at skynet.be
Fri Aug 29 15:20:28 CEST 2014

Jeff Easterson schreef:

>> - when a pair describe their agreement as showing diamonds and hearts,
>> and they then do it with clubs (weak), there can be no
>> misrepresentation. It would be ludicrous to play a system in which 3Cl
>> shows either clubs or diamonds and hearts, and the answers to such a
>> system (if it could be played) would be totally different than the
>> answers to a simple 5/5 red.
> But isn't this what Timbuktoo (or suction) shows?

OK, I stand corrected - it is possible to play such a system.
My second sentence stands, however: the answers would be totally 
different, as pass will be a viable option rather than showing a freak 
hand with 7 clubs. (and even 3D/H would have a different meaning, 
showing clubs)

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