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Fri Aug 29 14:53:56 CEST 2014

There is nothing in the word "deviation" to imply that they are slight.  
Could be slight, could be major changes.

And see below:

Am 29.08.2014 11:32, schrieb Herman De Wael:
> I disagree with the last paragraph:
> Sven Pran schreef:
>> [Sven Pran]
>> I agree with Richard. Note from Law 40C1:
>> Repeated deviations lead to implicit understandings which then form part of
>> the partnership's methods and must be disclosed in accordance with the
>> regulations governing disclosure of system.
> Note the word "deviations". I consider that to mean slight changes, not
> complete forgettings like the 3C discussed in this thread.
>> This IMHO cannot be understood other than that the implicit understandings
>> (as well as other understandings) are subject also to regulations on
>> legality.
> Indeed it should. But this is with a use of deviations as above.
>> We have had some similar cases: A partnership deviating their weak 1NT
>> opening range from 10HCP (which is legal) down to "good" 9HCP (which is
>> illegal) was told to stop it under threat of being disqualified from the
>> event for using HUM.
> Allow me to illustrate why I believe there is a very important
> difference between the two cases:
> - when a pair describe their agreement as 10-12, and they open it with 9
> points, they could be guilty of misrepresentation. The system is
> actually 9-12 and should be described as this. The responses to a
> systemic 9-12 would be the same as a 10-12.
> - when a pair describe their agreement as showing diamonds and hearts,
> and they then do it with clubs (weak), there can be no
> misrepresentation. It would be ludicrous to play a system in which 3Cl
> shows either clubs or diamonds and hearts, and the answers to such a
> system (if it could be played) would be totally different than the
> answers to a simple 5/5 red.
But isn't this what Timbuktoo (or suction) shows?
> So the first is a deviation, and the second is a misbid.
> The deviation is actual system and is subject to system regulation and
> misexplanation.
> The misbid can only be subject to misexplanation as to the frequency of
> the occurence.
> Do you see the difference?
> Herman.
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