[BLML] Both players forget

Herman De Wael hermandw at skynet.be
Fri Aug 29 13:44:20 CEST 2014

Matthias Berghaus schreef:
>> The deviation is actual system and is subject to system regulation and
>> misexplanation.
>> The misbid can only be subject to misexplanation as to the frequency of
>> the occurence.
> That is the question. It has become not so unusual to assign an
> artificial score if you use a two-suited convention and something
> happens. The Dutch have done it (don`t know whether they still do), the
> Austrians have don it (same..), maybe others have, I don`t know. IMO
> 40C1 is in the rules to let them do it.

I believe that rule to be against the laws of the game, but I accept it 
in some limited cases, like the Dutch example.
I believe that a player is allowed to forget his system, and the laws 
guarantee that this does not get punished. What the Dutch have done is 
to get round this by saying that in specially described situations, 
forgetting a convention is "paying insufficient attention to the game".

What you are doing is saying, without any prior arrangement, that it is 
forbidden to forget your system twice. Or three times. Or however many 
you believe is enough to put L40C into action. The problem with that is 
that you fail to say how many times are enough. And the only way you can 
get to know the frequency is when they tell you. So you are punishing 
honest players and leaving potential cheats scot-free.
And that cannot be good for the game.

Far better is it to ask for a true answer as to frequency, and to ask if 
the opponents would have done better if they had known that the players 
had X% chance of getting it wrong.


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