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Herman De Wael hermandw at skynet.be
Fri Aug 29 09:04:34 CEST 2014

I agree sith part of this message, but not the whole:

Richard Hills schreef:
> Sven Pran quoting Ian Fleming's "Goldfinger":
>  >He said, "Mr Bond, they have a saying in Chicago:
>  >Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence. The
>  >third time it's enemy action."
> Richard Hills:
> And indeed the Goldfinger principle is imbedded
> in Law 40C1.
> For example a partnership may explicitly have a
> pre-existing mutual understanding that after an opponent opens the
> bidding with 1S, a 3C jump overcall shows a weak hand with 5/5 in the
> red suits. But 50% of the time an alternating partner forgets, jumping
> to 3C with a weak hand and seven clubs.
> Law 40C1 mandates that the partnership's intial
> explicit understanding has now been replaced by a new multi-meaning
> understanding; the 3C jump overcall is now EITHER seven clubs OR 5/5 in
> the red suits.

I agree this far, but not:

> This may or may not be an illegal convention (depending
> upon local regulations).

The fact that partner sometimes forgets (in which case he holds what 
would be needed for a natural 3Cl-bid) is part of what the opponents are 
entitled to know, but the convention remains "5/5 red". After all, the 
opener will respond to this convention.

IMO, the frequency with which one partner or the other "forgets" the 
system (and the direction in which one does so) is disclosable to 
opponents, but it does not become part of the system.
After all, we don't oblige both partners to forget with equal frequency, 
do we?

> BUT...
> Even if the multi-meaning convention is legal
> under local rules (for example, such a multi-
> meaning overcall is permitted by ABF rules), full
> disclosure is required. Disclosing merely the
> original 5/5 red suits understanding is a
> misinformation infraction.

That part is true again.


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