[BLML] Law 79B

Petrus Schuster OSB petrus at stift-kremsmuenster.at
Thu Aug 14 20:24:12 CEST 2014

Am 14.08.2014, 15:18 Uhr, schrieb Steve Willner <swillner at nhcc.net>:


>> Yes - but so what?
> ...
>> this does not change the result but would only be the basis for
>> disciplinary action.
> Not true.  L12A1 allows an adjusted score whenever there is an
> infraction with no other remedy.  Time for this expires at the end of
> the L92B Appeals Period, not the 79C Correction Period.  (These are
> sometimes the same but need not be.)

You are right - I had not thought of that.

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