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Because I don’t see why Law 79B which is about disagreement on the number of tricks won, requires a reference to the Law about fouled boards.  It seems that a reference to Law 85 makes more sense in this context




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I was there at the time (as a semi-official proofreader). Law 79B deals with scoring errors. Law 87 deals with rectification of scoring errors caused by fouled board(s). What's the problem?


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Richard Hills


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Hi all

This was not in any previous set of laws (back to 1975) and and apparently not in the original 2007 Laws but was an amendment.


“ 19 October 2007:

The following typographical errors are corrected:


Law 79B2 - "C or D below, as applicable," changed to

"C below or Law 87, as applicable,"


Perhaps one of those who were there at the time could comment, Ton, Grattan? 


Best wishes


bill kemp




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B. Disagreement on Tricks Won

If a subsequent disagreement arises, the Director must be called, then:

1. The Director determines whether there has been a claim or concession and, if so, applies Law 69.

2. If 1 does not apply the Director rules what score is to be recorded. If the Director is not called before the round ends he rules in accordance with C below or Law 87, as applicable, but there shall be no obligation to increase a side’s score.

I've been doing some preparatory work for a Club Director Training Course and one item referred to in the course notes is Law 79B. 

I'm completely mystified by the reference to Law 87, which appears to me to be a mistake of some kind. (I do have a theory, but would be interested to hear other opinions before offering it)

Any thoughts?



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