[BLML] Explaining agreements

Peter Eidt petereidt at t-online.de
Sat Apr 19 14:06:16 CEST 2014

In a non-HdW-school world the answer should be:


A: “poc” – and bid 2H (taking it as Stayman)

B: “Stayman” – and bid 2H

C: “Stayman” – and bid 2H 



von PO Sundelin

Rho opens 1 spade

I overcall 1NT (trying to show 15-18)

Partner alerts and explains 1NT as 4hearts and a longer minor, and bids 2
clubs after pass by Lho-


I alert... and say what?

1. Pass or correct

2. Stayman


(As it happens I have four hearts and four clubs in my 16hp NT)

In any case I must bid 2 hearts) but what do I tell opponents?



What about them being entitled to be told our agreements?


A - Partner´s alert and explanation reminded me that I had forgotten.

   Our system agreement is that 2 clubs is pass or correct. 

B - I am convinced that partner has forgotten

    Our system agreement is that 2 clubs is Stayman

C - I am not sure who has forgotten




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