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> E      S      W    N
> 1D    P    3C    P
> North at this point said that 3C might be alertable. I was called to
> table and eventually ended up sending East away from the table and
> West explain the partnership understanding of his own bid. He said it
> a strong jump shift. East came back and then passed. South passed,
> and happily.
> South would know she might get a bottom if everyone else was in slam
> going
> down. She was, of course, quite willing to take that risk. So I assume
> director is going to protect her if it turns out that she was not
> the correct explanation of the partnership agreement.
> Now we can explain logically why she shouldn't be protected. Players
> (almost always) use the explanation of the partnership agreement to
> out what a player has in his hand. Getting that from the player
himself is
> higher quality information, and she was happy to be getting that
> quality information and fortunate to be getting it. One piece of
> is this: If, following the auction, we had had a long discussion
> attempting to determine the true partnership agreement and it was
> something different, she still would have passed.

[tony] Why oh why can't I get players like this at my club?  I am lucky
to get a revoke on which to practice my sarcasm and low wit.  We have
a player who craves protection against opponent's incompetence?
Give me a break I believe is the US expression, don't come the raw 
prawn, in Oz.
One can only imagine what will happen if playing against John
Probst, she gets a perfect description of a hand bearing no similarity
to the hand held by John during the bidding. Brought the house
down at the Young Chelsea!


Tony (Sydney)   

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