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Tony Musgrove ardelm at optusnet.com.au
Wed Apr 9 06:43:04 CEST 2014

Your postings restore my naïve faith in blml, which was
become rather bruised after reading presumptuous
criticism of Edgar Kaplan by a Law-breaking philosopher:
Sorrowfully, I have a protégé who has taken up directing and she “loves”
it.  The most important advice I could give her is not to subscribe to
blml.  Unlike 20 years ago when authoritative posts by DWS, John Probst,
Grattan, the Danish guy, the Russian guy, Alan le Bendig etc. could be
relied upon to illuminate the correct interpretation of the pre 2007 
FLB, these days it would be very difficult for a neophyte to detect the
gurus from the heretics, or the merely insane.  There are better forums
around to learn about rulings, or check on interpretations.
However, I still enjoy Richard’s erudition, which I hope is sufficient
to persuade the tax man that it is a necessary tax deduction.
Tony (Sydney)
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