[BLML] L65D and agreement

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> Declarer and dummy said "down 1" and one defender agreed. They folded up
> their cards. The other defender then said "down 2". (The fourth player's
> looked to be in order but did not seem to be in order when I examined
> A critical question was if that counted as agreement per L65D ("Agreement
> Results of Play").
> There was no L79A1 infraction, all four hands had not been returned to the
> board. Not sure how that would be relevant.
> And, ironically, while the first defender was agreeing on the results of
play, that
> defender was not agreeing on number of tricks won -- the defender claimed
> that she was agreeing to 1NT down one, when the contract was actually 2NT.
> L79B2 apparently covered the situation -- "The director rules what score
is to
> be recorded". And I consulted with a lawyer/director who said that one
> agreeing counts as an agreement.

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