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George Orwell, 1984:


Herman De Wael:

>OK, we may conclude that North fielded the psyche. But I've read the
>Lawbook again and again, and I've never seen those words in there.

Richard Hills:

Because the so-called infraction of "fielding a psyche" should not be in
the Lawbook; it is as much a contradiction in terms as "War is Peace".

"Fielding" is not the infraction; it is the undisclosed (Law 40B4) and/or
illegal (Law 40B5) convention which is the infraction. A "fielding"
response is merely ++evidence++ of an undisclosed (Law 40B4) and/or
illegal (Law 40B5) pre-existing implicit partnership understanding.

Herman De Wael:

>There can be many reasons why a player fields a psyche:
>1) he sees in his hand that someone has severely overbid. He knows
>the psyching tendencies of partner, and perhaps of opponents. He acts
>accordingly. Nothing is wrong, except the psyching frequency of
>partner may not have been communicated to opponents.
>2) he guesses that partner has psyched, and is prepared to be proven
>wrong. Nothing is wrong again, except perhaps the psyching frequency
>which may be higher than normal, making it more likely that opponents
>are misinformed.

Richard Hills:

In the tradition of "War is Peace" Herman defines "Pseudo-Psyche is
Psyche". The fact that the player "knows the psyching tendencies of
partner" means that pard's psyches have ceased to be psyches.

Law 40C1, initial two sentences::

"A player may deviate from his side's announced understandings
always provided that his ++partner has no more reason to be aware++
of the deviation than have the opponents. ++Repeated deviations lead
to implicit understandings++ which then form ++part of the
partnership's methods++ and must be disclosed in accordance with
the regulations governing disclosure of system."

Herman De Wael:

>My guess is this was a case 1, so no PP ought to have been given.

Law 40C1, final sentence:

"If the Director judges there is undisclosed knowledge that has
damaged the opponents he shall adjust the score and may award a
procedural penalty."

Law 40B5:

"When a side is damaged by an opponent's use of a special
partnership understanding that does not comply with the regulations
governing the tournament [e.g. a Highly Unusual Method to open the
bidding at the one level with a near-Yarborough] the score shall be
adjusted. A side in breach of those regulations may be subject to a
procedural penalty."


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