[BLML] Fouled Board in Teams

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Fri Nov 29 18:07:02 CET 2013


Fouled Board Regulation in Teams
I am aware that different countries handle the scoring of fouled boards in
team matches in different ways.  In an effort to devise a good regulation
for my own country (Ireland), I would appreciate if you would take the time
to tell me how the following scenario would be handled in your

During the scoring up period, at the end of a 6 board team of four match,
both teams come to the Director to say that one board has been misboarded. 
Neither team was responsible for the misboarding.  Both teams are
non-offending for the purposes of Law 12 and Law 86.

How does the TD handle the scoring of this fouled board?

A.	+3 imps to both teams

B. 	0 imps to both teams and use the VP scale for 6 boards

C. 	0 imps to both teams and use the VP scale for 5 boards

D. 	Factor the imps won or lost on the other 5 boards and award this factor
to both teams.

E. 	Some other solution - Please explain

Kind Regards,

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